It’s near the longweekend of May, It’s commign the best dasy to make a trip in Motorhome and our proposition now is to go to Cordoba in Andalucia, from the 02th may to 15th of may where we can enjoy the special and unique festivity of the courtyards.

For special dry climatologhy and the hoto n te región the cotizens of the Cordoba, at first the romains and more later the muslims taking the tipology of the popular houses to that they needed whit one special importance of the hoses around one courtyard that normally has one good wáter source on the middle and in many ocasions one waterhole to collect the rain wáter. The muslims make the adaptation of this scheme where the entry to the house from the Street was maked trought the halway and placing abundant vegetation to increase the fresh sensation.patio_cordobes_con_pozo_2005

There are two types of courtyards , the first one single family home where the stays are distributed aroudn the courtyard. The normal situation is to fix the vegtation on the cloistered wal and in the floor with mosaics. The second, today nto many used, where is possible the Access to the houses. Normally there are two floors, whit this the courtyard is enriched whit balconies, stairs and the cover. The floor normally was paved. It’s normally one wáter place for one wáter source or common plac to laundry.

patio cordoba2patio cordoba

The most characteristic is the “Alcazar Viejo”, betwwen the Alcazar and the Church of San Basilio, also we find i ton the neight boordhood of Santa Marina, around of the San Lorenzo and Magadalena places. Near of the Mezquita – Catedral, the judish neightbhood also is possible to see and visit exaimples of the very nice and wonderfull places manyh olds. The most beatiful probably i son The Palacio de Viana where there are twelve courtyards, always differents.



From 1921 the town hall organizes during one fortnight the competition of the courtyards , where all owners deck their houses whit special disposition to obtein the prestigious award offered by the consistory. At the same time is maked one festival whit many performances whit the rich spanish folklore  where meet the best singers and dancers of the land. All of them accompanied with the wine “Montilla-Moriles”, sherry of the land whit the special “tapas”.



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